Pub. 7 2018 Issue 6

Service Kansas Bankers Consulting Services (KBCS) provides KBA member banks with compliance and legal assistance. For many years, the KBA has offered member banks compli- ance and legal services through the KBA Legal Department. However, the services provided are limited to providing infor- mation to banks regarding legal and compliance issues. The legal structure of the KBA makes it impossible for the KBA Legal Department to provide services such as form and policy drafting, advertising and website review, and other types of legal and compliance advice. However, KBCS is able to provide member banks with the compliance and legal services that were not available through the KBA in the past. KBCS can provide the following assis- tance to KBA member banks: Basic compliance and legal consultations for bank transac- tions and human resource issues; Preparation and review of policies for: Deposits Lending Operations Safe Deposit Trusts Bank Security Bank Secrecy Act Information Technology Loan and account documentation review; Assistance with drafting of basic transactional forms and agreements; Advertising and website review; Compliance and HR auditing services*; and On-site consulting*. * Additional fees apply. Providing expert and cost effective compliance and legal services to Kansas banks Cost Effective KBCS is designed to provide expert, accurate and practical compliance and legal services on a cost- effective basis. To do this, KBCS is taking a unique approach to pricing. Rather than charging banks for services based on an hourly rate, which is fre- quently the method used by other firms, many of the KBCS services will be based on a set fee sched- ule related to the size of the member institution. Why should a member bank use KBCS? Because KBCS is a subsidiary of the KBA, it under- stands the banking industry better than most. Serv- ing banks is all that we do and Kansas banks are our entire focus. KBCS and the KBA know how the recent legal and compliance upheaval is affect- ing your bank. The KBCS and KBA Legal Department staff have worked with Kansas banks for over three decades. The personnel understand banking laws and regula- tions, and how they impact your bank’s operations. KBCS will work only with member banks in ad- dressing legal and compliance issues. “One of the best operational moves that we’ve made regarding our compliance func- tion. After losing our compliance officer, Kansas Bankers Consulting Services (KBCS) brought us a level of increased security at this most important juncture. Their leadership, strength, and direction helped make sure that we were compliant in all areas of the bank ‘without missing a step’. Thank you KBCS and KBA for helping us grow stronger!” Frank L. Carson IV Carson Bank Mulvane, Kansas Contact Allison Kernin, J.D., AAP or Koren Kabriel for more information about the consulting service or to request an engagement letter. Ph: (785) 232-3444