Pub. 9 2020 | Issue 4

By Rob Nichols, President and CEO, American Bankers Association
By Nick Lane, Director, Cornerstone Advisors
By Patrick Gilbert, BKD

Some financial institutions have been criticized in the past for their reactionary — or “fix-on-failure” — approach to serving the needs of their customers. While certain banks have taken major strides in overcoming this criticism, the perfect storm of regulation, competition, and increasing pressure to be a trusted advisor to the commercial customer still lingers for many…

From The President

WesternBanker, Editorial Industry Overview​
Stephen G. Andrews, President and CEO Western Bankers Association

The new year started strong for the WBA, hosting a successful Bank Presidents Seminar, Jan. 6-9, in Santa Barbara, California. We were pleased to welcome nearly 100 bankers and more than 200 attendees to this annual event where our member bank executives have great opportunities to network, reconnect, and hear . . .

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